need to suffer

I feel the need to suffer. Not in a masochistic sense or anything of the sexual kind. Pain is part of being a biker, needs to be.

There is a definite need to suffer so you can enjoy. How can you explain that to somebody who isn’t a biker?

The destination you want to reach isn’t the most important thing. It is the way you reach it that plays a vital role in the enjoyment of achievement.

Your ride.

You do not hang a trailer on your expensive car and put the bike on it. You do not drive when you ride.

My opinion, quite obviously these days not one shared by many. In summer these guys shirk long distances. Now, as autumn approaches, it is rain and cold they do not find too appealing.

Using a car to transport a bike is not only ridiculous, it is missing the point so completely and utterly it could be funny really. But I do not find it funny. Annoying is the word that hits the target here.

These middle-aged and middle class bikers annoy me because I feel they have no right to be part of this group. Trailing their bikes!

Their hands in their gloves never felt so cold that they couldn’t use the front brakes anymore. Their feet were never so wet  that they were swimming in their boots.  The pain in their backs never stopped them from sleeping at night.

So they are comfortable and cozy and annoying.

The point of riding a bike is riding it.

Easy as that boys!

anything like it

I took my Harley for a ride yesterday. It was way over 30 degrees so I was out with no leathers but denims and t-shirt. In addition to the long blonde hair I was quite obviously a woman, which seems to be a confusing thing for some men – on a Harley.

I had enjoyed the fresh coolness of the wind on my naked arms for a little while as I reached a traffic light in a little village along the way. I sneaked past the row of waiting cars and steered her right in front of the first one, a big SUV. The heat of the engine underneath me drifted up in waves. The SUV suddenly moved closer.

What the .… does he think he’s doing? I thought when I heard a slightly high-pitched male voice that sounded very excited out of the open car window.

Wow! It cried out. I have never seen anything like it.

A woman on a Harley? I wondered half surprised half pleased but aloud.

Yes he nodded wildly. But I think it’s great.

And he obviously had a great need to tell me so.

His wife in the passenger seat however didn’t look as if she found that great at all. The kids in the back just stared. And I drove off, the lights had turned green.

Why is it sexy when women break with gender roles? It doesn’t work the other way round. We might appreciate a man doing housework. But it is far from sexy when they do.

Probably this is another aspect why I feel this bike enhances female power. By refusing to submit to expectations you gain self-respect and even receive admiration. Well, sometimes.

I wonder if his wife was thinking about role models and the unfairness of it, too. I bet she did.

And rightly so.

This Harley has more influence on my self-respect, my sense of power and strength than anything else.

Funny since it is such a male thing, isn’t it?