bro bonding

I know I am certainly not the world’s trendiest person, I know next to nothing about fashion, clubbing or in-weekends and I had never ever heard the term bro bonding.

The term came from a woman who knows all these things because she lives in one of the trendiest European capitals and works in an office where they seem to do this kind of thing, this bro bonding.

I got curious and did a spot of research on the internet. Soon I found a paperback by Wes Yoder, with a title, that says it all….

Bond of Brothers: Connecting with Other Men beyond Work, Weather and Sports

This triggered a laughing fit because suddenly, I really understood.

We had been out in the car and I had to stop on a narrow stretch of single track road to let three men in their late fifties pass. All sitting on big Harleys, geared up (to my horror) in yellow high visibility jackets, looking like the local bin men in the process.

“What the f*** are they doing?” I had cried out, thinking about the jackets and the way they tried to pass too close to the car.

“Oh, I guess they are bro bonding.” the woman who knows about trends had answered.

Isn’t it hilarious, that the office people actually believe they have come up with this?

And do all those brothers who have “bonded” since the forties know that they are actually bro bonding?

Guess being a member of a motorcycle club does not sound so trendy.

Who cares about trends???

A biker has always been able to connect with another biker beyond Work, Weather and Sports!