chick bike

Is the HD Sportster a chick bike?

unknown legend chick bike

I’ve heard the question being asked before. I even asked myself the very same question in the past. Without thinking.

unlknown legend chick bike Harley Davidson Sportster So a chick bike is a bike for the weak, uncool, soft and clueless part of mankind? The part that belongs in the kitchen? Never to be bought by the other half of humankind, the tough, rough and able bikers of this world?

How arrogant! How yesterday! How dumb!

I know 1%ers riding a Sportster. Nobody would call it a chick bike to their face. Neither would they see it that way. They see its beauty and its advantages.

Because the question if a bike is easy to handle is not one that is exclusive to the “weaker sex”. Calling it a chick bike is nothing but sexist and stupid. Stick to stereotypes and you’ll never grasp the truth of what being a biker is really all about: freedom. Freedom from restrictions and prejudice.

unlknown legend chick bike Harley Davidson Sportster

The truth is: all these tough, strong and male bike riders out there will also need the help of their pals, when the Fatboy needs lifting up, won’t they?