For some very strange and obscure reason it is incredibly hard to describe feelings. You experience them in their intenseness but are at a loss when it comes to communicating them to others.
Emotions trigger song, poetry, stories, pictures, videos, blogs; all kinds of genres that all have one thing in common – they need more than a word to describe the feeling in its complexity.
Of course there are words for fear and joy and pleasure. But you do not really sit on a Harley-Davidson and think Oh yes, I feel pleasure just now.
You might on a BMW though….
Sorry, I should not be so cheeky. I know they are very reliable.
But not adorable.
Like mine is. Thrilling. That’s what she is.
When I ride her I feel like I am on a first date, butterflies and all. And I feel as powerful as a Viking God, deadly in his majestic cruelty. Nevertheless I still feel I am a woman, maybe even more one, oozing relentless sex appeal. Exceptionally different. A chosen outlaw because I will not accept the same rules as everybody else. Not on a Harley!
This is how she makes me feel.
Pretty much for a “just a machine”.